About company

Quality processing and marketing of products has always been and still remains an actual issue, so the company Sun Be Ukraine LLC successfully and rapidly growing in processing and packaging of honey in a glass container.

The range of Sun Be Ukraine LLC presented by monofloral honey (derived from the nectar mainly one species of honey plants) such as, acacia, linden, buckwheat, sunflower and polifloral honey (derived from the nectar of several types melliferous) such as, polifloral and Crimean polyfloral.

Our honey TM Medodar represented in 12 national and local networks of Ukraine (Fozzy Group, Reception, land, country Megamarket, Metro, Billa, Novus, Spar, EKOmarket). In addition, on request our company manufactures Private label products for custom trading networks.

Technology and equipment used by our company ensure ecologically pure product of the highest quality, confirmed by official agencies that provide veterinary, sanitary-epidemiological and radiological control.

The company Sun Be Ukraine LLC has already established export connections to the CIS and the EU countries, using therefore a special packaging that meets EU standards - 200L barrels. In a prospective the company plans to enter the U.S. and Japan markets.

Our aspirations, professional ambition, strength and capabilities aimed at full participation in the export of Ukrainian honey.

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