Sun Bee Ukraine LLC is a company that successfully and actively develops in a replication of a full-cycle production and distribution of honey and the other bee products.

Honey is a pure liquid gold of a nature, as well as beekeeping is one of an oldest traditions of Ukrainians. Its value and health improving nature for a human being are inestimable.

Today Ukraine plays an important role on a world honey market and proudly possesses the third place in a honey producers rating, second only to the leading honey processors such as China and Turkey. According to the FAO world honey producer’s statistics Ukraine employs the 1-st place in Europe and the 3rd in a world rating.

Our company offers monofloral and polyfloral honey, that is being represented in the national and local wholesale and retail supermarket chains of Ukraine, it’s more than 1200 sales spots.

Honey export is from year to year widen it’s role in a National Economy, so our will, ambitions, powers and possibilities are to fully take part in the export of a ukrainian honey.

Sun Bee Ukraine LLC has build an important export contacts for honey export to the CIS and EU countries and plans to enter the markets of the USA and Japan.
Honey quality in a prospect will determine the whole honey branch profitability and our company pays extra attention not only to the proper processing issue but also to the saving of a natural honey value as well as doing the strict veterinary, sanitary-epidemiological and radiology control of product that is being produced.

Our brands

  • ТМ Меdodar - local Тrade Мark Sun Bee Ukraine company