Beekeeper’s circle - 2013

5 and 6 October in “Jubileyniy” camp of Baryshevskiy district traditional 10-th for Ukraine “Bdzholyarskiy krug” (ukrainian beekeepers fair) has been held.

In addition to celebrating the “honey obzhinok“ (beekeepers meetings) an exhibition of equipment and stands, thematic seminars ( "Equipment", "Technology Beekeeping", "Diseases of Bees", "beekeeping and apiculture products") took place, with lectures and performances by leading scientists, beekeepers, bee veterinarians apitherapists, lawyers, community leaders, members of the editorial boards of journals and editors.

Bdzholyarskiy krug had been attended by the participents of the Apimondia Congress ХХХХІІІ that took place in Kiev this year (beekeepers from Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Poland).

The company Sun Be Ukraine LLC has once again participated Bdzholyarskiy Krug meeting. In partnership with the Polish company Lyson our company has introduced beekeeping equipment. Among the equipment the companies have presented different honey extractors, wax extractors, uncapping tables, etc.

Bdzholyarskiy krug, as always, has given an opportunity for every person interested to exchange their experience, discuss current issues and actual questions, get expert’s advice, as well as to demonstrate their own achievements.

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