TM Medodar at the international exhibition Foodex Japan - 2014

In Japan Makuhari Chiba Prefecture (near Tokyo) an Exhibition of Food and Beverage, one of the biggest in Asia «Foodex Japan- 2014", took place. 39th International exhibition was supported by the Japan Management Association (Chairman Mr. Norio Yamaguchi ) and four other organizations. The exhibition has been held for four days - from March 4 to March 7, 2014.

Exhibition «Foodex Japan- 2014" yearly takes place since 1976 and aims to promote food industry, provides relevant information in the field of food products , and creates opportunities to expand business.

This year «Foodex Japan» was presented by 2808 exhibitors from 78 countries and regions from around the globe, including manufacturers of food and drinks, as well as trading companies. The exhibition Foodex Japan 2014 had been visited by 73000 buyers, primarily from the public food supply sphere, as well as by the different distributors and wholesalers.

Visitors of the «Foodex Japan» had an opportunity to taste honey of the TM Medodar brand and share their opinions as to the palatability of the product. Degustation of the TM Medodar honey identified a positive evaluation by the consumers. First of all were separately marked pleasant taste and flavor of the represented sorts of honey. The second thing worse mentioning is the label, that, not only emphasized the visual aspect of the product, but as well made a product of TM Medodar more interesting and recognizable among many other manufacturers.

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