Floral honey in a glass container


Acacia honey is considered to be the one of the most favourable honeys and has a number of medical values, such as acacia honey is hypoallergenic, has a pleasant taste and a slow crystallization.


Sweet Honey with a pleasant taste and a possible coarse-grained crystallization, is indispensable for colds.


Honey with a sweet aroma and unique bitter-astrigent taste, quickly crystallized.


The most common form of Ukrainian honey that contains the highest amount of a glucose and is considered effective against cardiovascular diseases.

Motley grass

The specific composition of this honey depends on the apiary, but traditionally there is a clover, sow thistle, valerian, basil, willow-herb. It is a collection of herbs recommended for treatment of diseases ...


Honey, which is being picked by the bees from the wild honey plants, many of which are vulnerary plants. This sort of a honey is a good panacea against the wide variety of the diseases.

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