Quality and safety

The main aim of Sun Bee Ukraine company – is to deliver the value and   helpfulness of  honey directly to the customer. 

Guaranteed high quality of raw materials and finished products of Sun Bee Ukraine are provided, by functioning of a modern accredited production and technological laboratory, equipped with specialized test equipment and measuring instruments and full traceability of raw materials at all stages of production.

The company Sun Bee Ukraine has successfully passed certification audit for compliance requirements of True Source Certified ™ and received the status of a full-fledged party initiative True Source Certified ™.

Taking into account the place of the origin of honey, its specificity, the widespread use of, from the one hand and environmental degradation on the planet - on the other hand, it becomes quite clear why is so much attention deployed to the quality and safety of the product. The company Sun Bee Ukraine concerned about the preservation of the natural properties of honey, which produces, therefore every stage of production (processing and packing) is under strict monitoring. Quality Policy was developed and implemented to achieve high quality and safety of the product, ensuring safe working conditions and environmental protection. The company's employees have been trained in the TÜV Rheinland Ukraine and the company has successfully passed the certification of food safety (HACCP). The company steadily pays much attention to the implementation of this standard.

Experts of  Sun Bee Ukraine have developed and implemented its own quality standarts for natural honey, that they later successfully approved by the state registration at the Ministry of Health of Ukraine Institute of Hygiene and Medical Ecology. Marzeev NAMS of Ukraine and harmonized it in accordance with the State Veterinary Service of Ukraine rules.

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